New Contract is live and being tweaked.

The very first changes you’ll witness will be “in-app” and things may look funny at first. You’ll be able to start earning “straight away” but for this very moment, you’ll be “Newbies”  

Back to Newbie?

Understand we have a plethora of changes to make … in a specific order… so bare with us. You won’t be “newbie for long” lol  We’ll also be forcing wallet updates in app to point to Binance Smart Chain.

IF …”IF” you see issues, try restarting the app, reentering your public key, etc.

During testing, things seemed to go well but as you know, there’s over 500 different types of Android phones in the market.  This next 24 hours will be exciting! 

Source: CyberFM & MFTU Telegram