All Android old releases prior to 8.3 and iOS old releases prior to 8.8 will be disabled in the next few days.

- This version comes with 2 important features:
 Video & Events


 While we grow this space (Streaming in the Metaverse). You see a few sample videos that are available. 

We will be in the near term enabling live show options. As example, you will be able to watch the Unbreakable Show and still earn.


You will be able to look at upcoming events. I want to explain the importance of this tab and function. Of course it shows our standard 10x shows etc. 

However, taking it one step forward for live Events / Concerts: As for example several events we sponsor or are part of users use some "app or webpage" to navigate around the event such as Schedule, food, and a map of the location. Each guest at the event will  be required to use our app to have access to this info.

Source: CyberFM & MFTU Telegram