The DAO is a very large step forward with the project: I see eventually MFTU will get its own DAO. For now we will share the collaboration of each.

More coming in the medium post:

As we continue to increase the direct power of the community:

You now can send WMATIC, CYFM or MFTU to the DAO treasure.

Each spend will be tracked by each proposal.

As the community becomes more engaged. "WE" as in James and I will slowly reduce our direct voting power. Giving it back to where it should be. Music is the common language we all share.

This project represents a bond of togetherness. Breaking down barriers and dividedness. We will further this by bringing listeners and musicians together in the new "metaverse"

Currently the FEE that CYFM generates on Polygon is now being sent to the DAO.
The MFTU that get's disbursed as part of each CYFM tx. Is also being sent to the DAO.

DAOhaus link:

Source: CyberFM & MFTU Telegram