We have an exciting announcement regarding your ability to submit music to CyberFM and all of it's partnered Radio Networks:

We admit: We were absolutely caught off guard by the 1000's upon 1000's of submissions from great Independent Artists and Agencies such as yourself, we truly didn't see the workload coming at all.

We've implemented an all new automated system by partnering up with IYR - itsyourradio.com and we are now able to offer services to Musicians, Artist's and Management alike, that not only BLOW other Radio Networks abilities away in terms of performance and service, but ALL AT NO CHARGE WHATSOEVER!

On top of the fact that we do not charge anything, at any time, to play and distribute your music across our networks (currently 40+ networks), we also offer an optional (opt-in) 21st Century Performance Rights Initiative.

You see, DLPRO, our corporate name, stands for "Distributed Ledger Performance Rights Organization" and we are the world's first and only registered P.R.O. that compensates Musicians with cryptocurrency generated on a blockchain. This is bleeding edge technology that is of course optional on your part, but the future of free money, is still, free money!

Not only are Artists compensated on a per-stream basis like other routine organizations, but CyberFM and it's Partnered Radio Networks also compensate listeners for listening.  (You read that correctly) Listeners are PAID to LISTEN to YOUR MUSIC on a monthly basis. 

Again, participating in Blockchain Based Performance Rights, is a 100% completely optional endeavor on your part. We are aware that only a small percentage of the globe currently understands Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and this is one of our methods to introducing "Mass Adoption."  Our beta program has been a TREMENDOUS success since 2018 and we are now opening it up to everyone involved.

Attached, you'll find knowledge on how to get involved and going forward, these tickets generated in our system will direct you to that process. MP3's submitted by you, for example, are automatically distributed amongst the Radio Networks.

Just keep your music coming for the world to hear!

-James Tylee

MFTU is not only a verb, but it stands for "Mainstream For The Underground." Where you hear the greatest new Indie Artists! We offer an optional program where Artists are PAID in MFTU (just like listeners are paid in CYFM) which is our ERC20 Ethereum Token. If you're a Musician / Record Label / Distributor / A&R Manager that wants to be played on CyberFM and its partnered Radio Networks while learning about Blockchain Technology, read below:

1- Visit the MFTU web page at https://mftu.net/ 

2- Read over all of the information to accustom yourself to our processes.

Mainstream For The Underground

We automatically treat new, independent and upcoming artists as if they are on the radio now. 

We level the playing field for all online forms of Media!

Powered by: DLPRO

Distributed Ledger Performance Rights Organization has a dual-token economy for Mainstream and Independent Artists.

Radio Airtime

Becoming an MFTU Artist gets you automatic rotation on itsyouradio.com and cyber-fm.com as well as our many partnered stations.

Optional Payment & Tokenomics

Much like other providers, you can be paid in cryptocurrency based on your streams and performances on all of our partnered radio stations. However, we also pay a monthly bonus based on profit sharing of all performances on all radio networks in our system!

You can read the full details about the MFTU Token, the CYFM Token and the IYR Token as well as read our White paper and Roadmap Documentation at the DLPRO website which is formally known as Distributed Ledger Performance Rights Organization, LLC.

3- Click on the "Sign Up Now!" option or the IYR Network Image.

4- Choose Login if you already have an account or Register as a new Artist.

5- After you submit successfully your information, you will be able to see your account. 

6- You're in!