CyberFM Radio is a free app, availabe in IOS and Android devices, that provides you with multiple music channels from all over the world. It also has different DJs and talk-shows with a broad spectrum of subjects. 

CyberFM pioneers on implementing one of the greatest contributions made by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, Earn With Your Attention Capability (EWYAC).

At this moment, users may choose to earn on the following networks:

  • Polygon (Legacy) - if the user possesses CYFM tokens in a Polygon wallet, he/she has the option of synching both, wallet and app, to earn coins while listening. This is  trust-less farming. no need to lock a LP. Our app sees it in your wallet. Never giving control away of your LP. 

  • Binance Smart Chain - for listeners who want to participate in DeFi

  • Tron - for listeners who want to participate in DeFi 

  • Fantom - for listeners who want to participate in DeFi

We like to say CyberFM Radio is not online radio, is radio online. 

Visit CyberFM homepage at: 

We are creating #UMI which is Universal Music Income!

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