To enroll in the MFTU program (artists only) you need to follow this 7 steps:

1- Visit the MFTU web page at 

2- Click on the Register option from the main menu.

3- Fill the form with your correct information. This will build your profile-account. Leave the last two spaces blank as these are reserve spaces in your profile in which MFTU will insert updates on your profile so you can keep count on your MFTU earnings and your uploaded songs.

4- After you submit successfully your information, you will be able to see your account. 

5- To submit songs click on Submit your music from the main menu.

6- Fill the information on the form. It is of the most importance that you enter the email associated with your MFTU account.

 7- Click in the submit button to upload. You can repeat this process for more songs to be added.